Guilded Grey

The Swallow


The meaning of the swallow bird is deeply linked with renewal, new beginnings, and the blooming of life. Swallows are migratory birds, which means their movement can symbolize success or failure in life.  They represent change and the good things that come with a new adventure.

A swallow tattoo also has a significant meaning for sailors and fighters. For sailors, they use swallow tattoos to show their experience in sailing. Sailors also believed that swallow tattoos will increase their chances of returning home safely. This belief stemmed from the fact that swallows will always return to the same place annually to mate and make their nest. In addition, they also believed that swallow tattoos will guide a drowned sailor’s soul towards heaven.

Chain made from solid, naturally hypo-allergenic brass and is electro-plated in Nickel Free Antique Brass.  

Length 18”

Handcrafted in studio

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