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Welcome to the new site with a fresh look and new name. What started out as a tugging for a change turned into a full rebranding. As the business has grown so has my desire to serve women living life to the fullest. The new name Guilded Grey represents the idea that it's possible to add a touch of gold to even the smallest of details. Treating yourself and others well makes the world a better place. So, take out your favorite coffee cup everyday, dress in a way that makes you feel good and lend a hand or just a smile to a friend who needs some encouragement. 

As a busy woman with family, career and friends, you look for ways to express your style with ease and a hint of sophistication. I believe cultivated style doesn't need to be fussy. You can make a statement with one dramatic piece or create a softer look with textured layers. I design every piece with your busy life in mind.



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