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I'll never forget my first piece of Guilded Grey jewelry. It was over ten years ago (we will leave it at that)! I was a fresh-faced photographer looking for inspiration and took my first workshop from Jamie Schultz in Hudson, Wisconsin. Not only did we get to photograph beautiful models adorned in vintage chunky goodness, but in our goodie bags, Tamara included a simple piece for all of the participants.

... and so began my love for Sheer Addiction (and later, Guilded Grey).

As my photography career grew, so did my collection of pieces.

In 2015, Twig & Olive Photography formed as a merger of two successful businesses (myself and my two business partners Doug and Courtney Weittenhiller).  I started Sloan Riley Designs several years later with my daughter Sloan as a way for us to work together on something and to teach her the dynamics of running a business and everything that goes into it. I mentored with Tamara during this time and our little hobby slowly grew over the next few years. With the success of Twig & Olive, it was another great creative outlet.

When the opportunity presented to take over Guilded Grey, it wasn't even a question that needed discussing. We were all in. Although my husband now has to figure out something else to buy for birthday and Christmas presents! What you can anticipate from Guilded Grey moving forward is the same look, feel, and quality and, most importantly, the same customer service as everyone has known to expect. There will be fresh designs and new items while also keeping the same signature pieces that Guilded Grey is known for.
So who am I? My name is Bobbi, and I'm a photographer. I am a part-owner of Twig & Olive Photography located in Madison, Wisconsin. We have a beautiful studio at the recently renovated historic Garver Feed Mill. I live in the country on 32 acres with my husband Jon, our spit-fire daughter Sloan and golden doodle Copper and the menace of a cat, Pot Roast. I love traveling, antiquing, reading, and working (yes, you read that right). You can almost always find me with my laptop and a good cup of coffee, wine, or whiskey :)

I look forward to this new adventure while I continue to create!

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